The India Affiliate Marketing Awards celebrate the most innovative and effective outreach through affiliate marketing. The entries are open for Advertisers, Agencies, Publishers, Networks, and Technology Solution Providers

Focus of organizing the awards

  • Recognition of the best performing companies in the affiliate industry and Acknowledgement of their achievements in the sphere of affiliate marketing
  • The main idea is to support the companies that have already achieved certain results as well as those that hit the market with their innovations, new affiliate tools and approaches
  • Awards are distributed among the participants based on the facts of their achievements and an unbiased evaluation.



1. Best E-commerce Affiliate Campaign

A campaign that has excelled within the e-commerce vertical using an affiliate-based methodology. Provide examples of how the campaign was creatively planned and smartly executed in addition to any technologies used that added value.

2. Best Finance Affiliate Campaign

A campaign that has excelled within the finance vertical using an affiliate-based methodology. Provide examples of how the campaign was creatively planned and smartly executed in addition to any technologies used that added value.

3. Most Innovative Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Whatever your budget, the size of your company or channels of focus we’re looking for a campaign delivering true innovation and creativity in affiliate marketing.

4. Best App Install Campaign

An effective planning and execution of an app promotion and engagement campaign that has driven exceptional results based on the stated objectives. The campaign may have used data, smart targeting and in-house strategies to supercharge results from the campaign – whether downloads, engagement or revenue. This category can be entered by brands themselves or mobile ad networks, agencies, or app promotion technologies in conjunction with a client.

5. Best Affiliate Marketing Blog

A blog which converse affiliate marketing and benefits for both advertisers and affiliates.

6. Best Integrated Affiliate Marketing Campaign

A campaign whether it’s affiliate marketing working with paid search, paid social working with display advertising, or another combination of results-based marketing, an India Affiliate Awards will award a company or team that has combined two or more activities for great results.

Entries should detail the efforts that have been undertaken in helping things get off the ground, including any evidence of changes that needed to occur to attain the desired outcome.


7. Best Publisher for Affiliate Marketing
(Industry’s choice - VIA VOTING)

This award recognizes the publisher on the basis of how well the publisher engages with its clients, enables them to evolve and optimise their performance marketing activity.

Entry should demonstrate:

  • Examples of innovation
  • Examples of tools or features that set you apart from other publishers
  • Example of going the extra mile
  • Provision of three testimonials from the clients

8. Best Affiliate Marketing Network
(Publisher's Choice of Network - VIA VOTING)

This award recognizes the best affiliate marketing network on the basis of how well the that engages with their publishers, enables them to evolve and optimise their affiliate marketing activity to market/achieve measurable results/generate leads/ for a brand.

Entry should demonstrate:

  • Examples of innovation
  • Examples of tools or features that set you apart from other networks
  • Example of going the extra mile
  • Provision of three testimonials from the publisher(s)

9. Best Affiliate Manager

A person who has done something special for affiliates in terms of hard work and communications as well as providing excellence in services. Entries are welcome from across all demographics; this could be directly from individuals with employer endorsement, or from their employers, however, employers must outline the impact the nominee has had on the business and their performance during the judging period.

  • A maximum of 500 words outlining how the entrant has impacted their business
  • Provision of their LinkedIn URL
  • Provision of three client testimonials

10. Best Affiliate Technology/Tool of the year

A technology/tool that has helped supercharge a client’s affiliate marketing activity. Along with obvious benefits through return on spend, the technology, service or SaaS platform may provide a competitive advantage for its subscribers or allow them to do business in a smarter way. Jury will be looking for an innovative product and evidence of its evolution along with proof of customer adoption, results, and satisfaction.

Entry should demonstrate:

  • What challenges does the technology help to solve
  • How is the technology unique and innovative
  • Evidence of client adoption and results
  • How has the technology evolved during the judging period
  • Provision of three client testimonials

Rules and Eligibility

The awards are open to Advertisers, Publishers, Media Owners, Agencies, Networks, Start-ups, Technology Providers or Individuals who operate in the Affiliate Marketing sector.

Entries may be made directly by the company or via an authorised agent such as their network, agency or PR agency.

Entries may be submitted for multiple categories subject to an additional entry fee. Each submission however, must be tailored to fit the category.

Campaigns submitted should be active in the marketplace between 0000 hours 1st May 2017 and 23.59 hours 30th April 2019.

Steps in completing the submission of an entry?

  • If not registered, click on submit entry and Register Now
  • Fill the registration form and submit it
  • You will receive log-in ID & Password
  • If registered already, log-in using the credentials received
  • Choose a category
  • Fill in the details of the entry in the respective form
  • Upload the project / work file or URL
  • Click on Save & Exit, in case further editing is required
  • If no editing is required then click on Submit & Exit
  • Make Payment & Complete the Submission Process (You may make bulk payment of all your entries together by selecting them on your dash board)
  • Entries can't be edited once the payment is processed successfully

It is very important that entry forms are completed in their entirety. One of the biggest reasons for point deduction by Jury is not including clear evidence of commercial success and ROI. Especially problematic for an awards ceremony that is geared around measureable marketing. More information and greater transparency will enable the Jury to score you fairly.

Only one party may enter an entry, i.e. either the agency or client may enter a piece that both parties have worked on, but not both.

The entry form is available online and must only be submitted online with all the relevant details that are being asked for. The organizers will not be responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information.

For the purpose of judging all information will be supplied only to the Jury under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. However for editorial write-ups and to portray why you've won on the night some information may be garnered from your entry.

Anything that is therefore commercially sensitive that you wish not to be disclosed must be highlighted for ‘Jury eyes only’.

Entries will not be considered completed until full payment in done

Fees for the Entry Submission:

Early Bird Deadline July 25, 2019 INR 2000 /- + GST INR 3000 /- + GST
Regular Deadline August 23, 2019 INR 2500 /- + GST INR 3500 /- + GST

Refund Policy: Once the amount is paid, no refunds will be issued.


  • Best Publisher for Affiliate Marketing
  • Best Affiliate Marketing Network

Judging Criteria:

The jury shall evaluate entries based on five criteria for CHANNEL & CAMPAIGN AWARDS:

1. Strategy: An entry should demonstrate approach to the overall purpose and target audience throughout various elements of the campaign. Identify the target audience, delineate the strategic objective- sales, leads, market share, brand awareness, etc. and what was the creative and media strategy or any new technology via a performance-based approach.

2. Innovation: The Jury shall focus on the best innovation, practice and strong performance of super-efficient tech, strategy, processes, spend and effective placement that set you apart from the other players.

3. Execution of campaign: Jury shall focus on linking the purpose and effect between objectives, strategy and results of the campaign. Additional factors to be considered shall be effective use of resources, technology and implementation of the campaign via a performance-based approach.

4. Results of campaign: Jury shall evaluate the results of the campaign based on basis of the services offered to client which have helped increase profitability, productivity, or have helped produce a more efficient environment for their client whether it was able to reach the target audience or on any other statistic which will help in proving the desired results of the campaign.

5. Overall experience: An entry should demonstrate frequently may be more or less than the sum of its parts. The overall experience shall include creativity, innovation, implementation, monitoring, reporting and optimization.




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